Since 1994 Altavoz has offered Independent distribution, we were started down in Raleigh North Carolina handling catalog sales for labels like Pop Narcartic, Merge, Alais, Gotham Records, SoleSides, DLFM to name a few over the decades we have gone from small indie regional distributor to a world-wide Import/Exporter of Entertainment: Music, Books, Games, and Videos to 3000 digital outlets and 10,000 USA, Physical Retailers, 9000 Public Library Systems, and of course our PopUpEnt Experiences.

“By 1999, Altavoz had rolled out merchandise in big box stores such Best Buy and independent retailers nationwide. Their offerings expanded to vinyl records, books and more. By the time of the dot-com crash, Altavoz continued to provide stock to thousands of independent and big box stores and was receiving 1.2 million hits a day on the official website”


“I am delighted to have Altavoz help establish my Record label and look forward to letting all my fans know about projects that my team has in the works so stay tuned in to my socials”: Regina Belle; Owner, Tashi III Entertainment.

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Today Altavoz is offering Major recording acts like Keith Shocklee and Regina Belle a high level of concierge service helping them establish a fully operational record label/imprint and then aggregate content to every single digital and physical outlet in the world including Public Libraries via an offering of Labels as a Service, LaaS, from insights learned from offering a Label Boot Camp since 2013.

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