Welcome to the Future of Entertainment Currency

Altavoz, Inc is please to announce that it is developing along with industry leaders a cryptocurrency based off the MasterCoin Protocol

Having already announced* that Altavoz would be accepting the CryptoCurrency Bitcoin it's turned it's attention onto the advantages the Bitcoin/MasterCoin Protocols offer to entertainers and the companies working to support them. We believe that entertainment particularly music offers a pathway for crypto-currencies to become accepted and used for the enjoyment and funding of music project.

The Master Protocol facilitates the creation and trading of smart properties and user currencies as well as other types of smart contracts. Mastercoins serve as binding between bitcoins (BTC), smart properties and smart contracts created on top of the Mastercoin Protocol. --www.mastercoin.org

So the key for Altavoz is the use of Smart Contract and the Bitcoin Protocol which will enable entertainers in the long run to concentrate of the making of it instead of how to fund it since build into the framework of the music is the ability to control it by how user are able to access and use it, even over the life of it. While this is very new to for many of us it's also very exciting for the possibilities of having entertainment decentralise; Yet! earning it's creators income is the holy grail of the Internet of Things.


Nelson Jacobsen, CEO
Altavoz, Inc.

* Altavoz press release of taking CryptoCurrency http://www.prlog.org/12289107-altavoz-to-accept-cryptocurrency-bitcoin.html