Hack Blockchain

++Random Hacks of Kindness, DC has received a challenge by Altavoz Entmt to hack the blockchain for Entertainment.

At the upcoming RHoKDC (Random Hacks of Kindness, DC) Altavoz Entmt has submitted a challenge to the #RHoKDC community to hack the public Blockchain for Entertainment. Up till now while valiant efforts have been made to figure out how to address getting particularly music onto the Blockchain; And, while genuine efforts they're addressing the wrong end of the barball, artists or retailers are in the thousands distributors offering digital physical global distribution are about a dozen and Altavoz is one of them and we’ve got an Altavozcoin(.com) that will work from inside the music biz, the creators and the public too.

For good reason much is being made of the blockchain and how it’s going to impact entertaiment however; Altavoz’s knows how hard it is to get a giant industry like the Entertainment distribution to change since we introduced Altavoz.com in 1995 at the annual trade show NARM, now MusicBiz.org, and it didn’t go over too well; However! we approached the same group in to talk about Cryptocurrency and alternative payments and by April 23, 2014 a webinar for the tradegroup lead to a whole Cryptocurrency panel during MusicBiz2014 in Los Angeles and now to this challenge to the DCTech and general crypto community to get this issue right.

The winning individual or team will be offered** a prize that's never been given at a RHoK and you'll just have to register to find out what it will be. http://RHoKDC.com

*Musicbiz is about stuff that sells, you single or ep that no one cares about or is an art project is not included

** One of the prizes is being cleared through our lawyers since it's so incredible they think we're mad for offer it.