About Us

AltavozCoin is a cryptocurrency running off Mastercoin's Protocols use of the Bitcoin Protocol. This coin is intended for the use of Altavoz Entmt in enabling next generation use of content currency and control and is run by Altavoz, Inc.

Altavoz is building an accessible, cloud-based software platform for the 90% of content suppliers that are independent via a proprietary Distribution as a Service (DaaS) system. Through this DaaS for content distribution platform, Altavoz offers a real-time awareness capability that aggregates and analyzes industry and internal data into a "Fan Heat Map," giving our suppliers and retail partners actionable, strategic sales and marketing intelligence on each product. This data will be augmented by the company's BuyingThis(tm) app, which works as a widget on suppliers’ websites or fans’ smartphones allowing fans/customers to signal that they're interested in buying a product and where. The “Fan Heat Map” is in an early development stage. Another differentiator about Altavoz is that we've integrated social good into our corporate structure by including Help Earth Foundation (.org) into ownership and consumers and fans of Altavoz Entmt only have to purchase goods and Help Earth get's funding to continue it's good deeds which you can to by using the donate button below.

As the next step in our evolution is enabling our industry starting with our Suppliers and Retailers to understand and starting thinking if now accepting CryptoCurrency and then moving to the stage when they can develop they're own Alt-currency like AltavozCoin.

Main office.

Altavoz, Inc.
622 Hungerford Dr. STE 2
Rockville, MD 20850


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