Hack the Blockchain for Entertainment


At the upcoming RHoKDC (Random Hacks of Kindness, DC) Altavoz Entmt has submitted a challenge to the #RHoKDC community to hack the public Blockchain for Entertainment.

Note about use of AltavozCoin.

Altavozcoin is currently in development and we are not taking any signups at this moment. The signup module is operational only for testing aspects of the system. Once there is a signup opportunity only qualified companies, groups and individuals that have a business relationship with Altavoz, Inc. will be permitted to access the site. PS.. All emails are kept and queried against a spammer database if found to be on it you will be banned if across all Altavoz properties.

Altavozcoin.com parent company to give webinar on CryptoCurrency and Entertainment

Altavoz, Inc. will be giving a webinar (info TBA) for the benefit of a leader trade and advocacy group about the role of CryptoCurrency with regards to Entertainment. This will be an overview of where we stand today, tomorrow and down the road with regards to DAC's Smart Contracts and how both Entertainment and these new technologies will work hand and hand.

Welcome to the Future of Entertainment Currency

Altavoz, Inc is please to announce that it is developing along with industry leaders a cryptocurrency based off the MasterCoin Protocol

Having already announced* that Altavoz would be accepting the CryptoCurrency Bitcoin it's turned it's attention onto the advantages the Bitcoin/MasterCoin Protocols offer to entertainers and the companies working to support them. We believe that entertainment particularly music offers a pathway for crypto-currencies to become accepted and used for the enjoyment and funding of music project.

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